Dog Boot Camp – The benefits

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The term ‘boot camp’ might conjure up images of fitness fanatics pulling on ropes and climbing through muddy tyre’s in an attempt to gain a higher level of fitness. What it certainly conjures up, is the idea of discipline. And it is this disciplined approach that is the key to success behind the growing range of the dog boot camp which is available today for both the dog and its owner.

What is Dog Boot Camp?

Here at K9 Control Dog Boot Camp, we offer a unique, tailor made 5 and a half day course focusing on correcting the difficult issues that you experience with your dog. These could include; aggression to other dogs, pulling on the lead, chasing traffic, constant barking, general disobedience, the list goes on…

It may also be that you require your dog to function in a certain way in a certain environment. For example, we can teach you and your dog to run together or mountain bike together safely, etc.

How the K9 Control Dog Boot Camp Works

Dogs are like children, no two are the same, so to assume that one method of training suits every dog is unrealistic and is often the mistake that many trainers make. Working with a dog will soon highlight the type of training that it requires to gain the best results. That said, whatever training option we adopt, the basic principle remains the same; we reward good behaviour, but ever allow bad behaviour to be rewarded. As well as working closely with the dog, we also work closely with the owner to give them the same consistent approach as well as teaching them lifestyle changes that will achieve long-term results.

Where do you start?

The basis of all training is obedience and discipline, therefore, before we move on to anything more technical, we ensure that the basic training skills are adhered to such as: loose lead walking, sit, down, stay, recall, send away, etc. These basic commands will be taught in real life scenarios and under the kind of distractions that you dog will experience in every day life.

We also deal with basic anatomy and physiology of the dog as well as nutrition, roles and responsibilities and first aid with CPR. It is also important that owners are aware of the specific traits of their dogs breed and how they effect behaviour before being taught the most effective ways to introduce new behaviours.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

The UK has an ongoing concern of obesity in both humans and our dogs. Our experience of dogs with behaviour problems are strongly linked to a lack of exercise, stimulation and a poor diet. By being physically fit yourself, you will be giving both you and your dog a better quality and more fulfilled life whilst at the same time preventing some potential health implications linked to weight gain. Therefore, each day is started with fitness training, in a fun and friendly environment. Of course, each individual’s current fitness levels are taken into consideration. Our trainer Simon uses his extensive military knowledge and background as an Army Physical Training Instructor – not to intimidate or belittle individuals – but to bring out their passion and drive so they achieve the best results through Dog Boot Camp. These would include for the dog; agility, scent association, introduction to tracking and many more activities to enrich your dog’s life.

The aim at the end of the 5 day dog boot camp is not for dog owners to go home in the hope that their dog is now cured for ever. The aim is to take the newly readjusted dog home and continue working with him regularly using the tools and advice gleaned from the course. By doing this you are guaranteed an obedient, well mannered and well balanced dog that you can take anywhere.


One of our success stories

Suzanne came to us recently with Teddy her Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier who was showing aggression to other dogs, pulling on the lead and generally being disobedient. Take a look at how she got on after 5 days of the K9 Control Dog Boot Camp below..

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