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Dog Trainers Staffordshire

If you are looking for experienced dog trainers Staffordshire then K9 Control can assist you. Training  your dog is part of responsible dog ownership and an important element of any dog’s life. Along with regular exercise it provides important mental stimulation which helps to keep your dog happy.

Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer, even if they don’t have the appropriate knowledge and skills, however it’s important to find a good dog trainer as some training methods can be harmful or lead to behaviour problems.

K9 Control, is a professional Staffordshire based dog training company set up by Simon Clay, an ex military dog handler who has studied animal behaviour and offers a unique perspective on training, offering a wide range of services including:

Residential Dog Training

Little or no time? Find it hard to commit to weekly classes? Then residential training may be the option for you – or should I say your dog! Read more here

One to One Dog Training

For some either the idea of a class, or even for their dogs, a class environment does not work. This is where One to One Training comes in! Read more here

Dog Training Classes

Structured classes ensuring all clients and their dogs reach their full potential as a team. Read more here

Puppy Training

A key to all dog’s mental and emotional development is to start their training as early as possible. What better way than to join one of K9 Control’s puppy classes. Read more here

Dog Boot Camp

Tired of spending hundreds of pounds on Animal Behaviourists without seeing results or training your dog at a local sports hall? – we have the answer. Read more here

Dog Training Clinics

All clinics run in a secure environment for Re-Call and Nosework Training. Each clinic is limited to 4 dogs at any one time. Unlock your dog’s full potential now. Read more here


Dog Trainers Staffordshire

If you have a new young puppy or are experiencing difficulties with your dog and feel it could benefit from some professional dog training, then please contact us here for more information.