All dogs, regardless of why they are with us and regardless of size, stay in my family home. Your dog is treated as one of our own and stays with Simon at all times.
Apart from my own dogs, there will only be your dog staying with me so my time is strictly intensive one to one with your dog. This enables a bespoke package for your needs.
All dogs will be trained in all general obedience both with and without distractions and any client specific issues will be dealt with. However, as with any training, for it to remain effective it must be continued, i.e. commands and rewards must be consistent, boundaries set in place must remain etc.
Naturally this varies with demand, however at any one time the maximum will be 10 in any one class environment.
A variety of methods are used, what may work for one dog wouldn’t necessarily work for another. However I only use positive reinforcement and will not tolerate anything which I believe to be harmful to your dog or deemed a negative experience.
Yes! I am on the other end of the phone, and if I do not answer I will get back to you as soon as possible as I am probably training. I will also contact you periodically throughout your dog’s stay to feedback progress on how training is progressing.
Where the course/class you are booking is in excess of £100 then a deposit will be payable to secure your place. A deposit of £100 will then be required to confirm your booking.
If your dog is reactive around other dogs then it is best to contact me first as it may be the class you want to bring them to may not be suitable. HOWEVER, there is always a way I can accommodate this, either through a different class or one to one sessions etc.