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Home Boarding - K9 Control

For most people, when holiday time comes around, putting your dog into the care of kennels is the only option. Yet we have all been there where you pull up at the kennels and have to drag your reluctant dog towards the desperate sound of chaotic barking from distressed dogs who would rather be anywhere else than confined in the cold sterile concrete blocks that is their home for two weeks.

Of course they do get let out – once a day! However, it is impossible for every dog to receive the personal attention they so crave, need and are used to at home, even from one of the new breed of so called ‘luxury’ kennels.

So what is the answer? Forsake your holiday for the comfort of your dog, or find somewhere where your pet actually looks forward to going to?

Home From Home Dog Boarding

The latter is the option that many people crave and is the reason why so many people find themselves driving the length and breadth of the country before they even start their holiday, just to drop the dog off at suitable kennels.

Here at K9 Control, we have taken on board the many comments from our clients who’s holidays are constantly overshadowed by the fact of putting their beloved dog into kennels, and have created a unique service called ‘Home Boarding. As the name would suggest, we provide a home from home service where our clients can go on holiday safe in the knowledge that their dog is in a family home, curled up in the lounge with a family and continuing life as a family dog. As we have no more than three dogs in at any one time, individual caring time can be spent with each dog, and due to the nature of our training we are happy to have any breed and any temperament.

Exercise Routines for our Home Boarders

We understand the importance of environmental enrichment and we channel this through physical and mental stimulation, therefore all of our home boarders are exercised at least three times a day over the local picturesque forest Cannock Chase. They also go to work with our trainer Simon at his secure training field. At the end of the day, along with our own dogs they are let out for the toilet just before bed, not at 5 o’clock just before the kennel hands go home!

Our basic ethos at K9 Control UK Dog Trainers, Home Boarding is that whilst you are away, your dog is treated and loved as one of our own.

We are also fully licensed by Lichfield District Council for home boarding so you can relax knowing that our premises is inspected by the council on an annual basis giving you that added piece of mind when leaving your dog at our home.