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Dog Boot Camp

Tired of spending hundreds of pounds on Animal Behaviourists without seeing results…?

Fed up of training your dog at your local church or sports hall…?


K9 Controls, Dog Boot Camp in Staffordshire was set up for many reasons. Firstly, I am passionate about animal welfare. Secondly, I am passionate about physical training and health, both as an individual and for dogs. In particular the UK has gained a growing concern in obesity in humans and our dogs. By being physically fit you will be giving yourself and your dog a better quality and more fulfilled life, whilst at the same time preventing some potential health implications linked to weight gain for yourself and your dog. This programme is gimmick free, and all that is required is self-discipline, motivation and the will to succeed.

Simon has worked and trained dogs in some of the most hostile countries in the world. Simon has also trained hundreds of pet dogs with and without behaviour problems ranging from Great Danes through to Yorkshire Terriers. As well as serving in the British Army and working for the United States government in Iraq, Afghanistan and several other hostile environments as a search dog handler. Simon was an Army Physical Training Instructor in the elite Parachute Regiment and a Special Forces unit where he was responsible for the unit’s operational fitness.

K9 Control’s Dog Boot Camp is a totally unique programme in the UK. It is a tailor made 5 and a half day course which is intense, fun, informative and works! All dog training Boot Camps are run in small groups so that each client and their dog receive quality training. We look at all aspects of being a dog owner. We incorporate fitness, in a fun and friendly environment, whereby each individual’s current fitness levels are taken into consideration. Simon uses his extensive military knowledge and background as an Army Physical Training Instructor – not to intimidate or belittle individuals – but to bring out their passion and drive so they achieve the best results, therefore leading to a whole lifestyle change as when you complete the course you have the belief in yourself to continue the good work.

Each day we commence with fitness training, moving onto the course emphasis of dog training. Simon is a lateral thinking trainer in as much as he does not have a ‘tunnel vision’ approach and only believes one training method should be used, he uses modern tried and tested practices and will vary and incorporate several different methods to find which works best for you and your dog. Simon’s belief is very much that good behaviour should be rewarded, but he will not allow bad behaviour to be rewarded too; therefore not sending out conflicting messages to the dog. He applies training techniques such as clicker and target training, using his own dogs as an example and will then work closely with you so you have the same consistent approach, which is what achieves long-term results.

All dogs will be taught the basic exercises such as loose lead walking, sit, down, stays, recall, send away etc. All will be taught in real life scenarios and under distraction. The week will be spent socialising your dog to every environment that you may encounter when you leave Boot Camp.

At K9 Control’s Dog Boot Camp in Staffordshire, we will teach you and your dog to run together safely, mountain bike together safely etc. Each course is individually tailored for the client’s general fitness level. We are trying to teach life style changes not treat you like you are serving soldiers. All fitness is undertaken over the area of outstanding natural beauty within Cannock Chase, Staffordshire.

If your dog is displaying signs of behaviour problems we are able to spend long periods of the day working with you and your dog setting up specific scenarios to modify your dog’s behaviour and provide you with the confidence to continue with practices once you are home.

These would include agility, scent association, introduction to tracking and many more activities to enrich your dog’s life. Remember if your dog is not employed, he may well become self-employed and start rewarding his own bad behaviour! My experience of dogs with behaviour problems are strongly linked to a lack of exercise, stimulation and a poor diet. Combine all 3 and the prognosis isn’t a positive one.

There is basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition, roles and responsibilities, first aid with CPR, ways of teaching new behaviours, breed specific traits and how they affect behaviour, environmental enrichment and many more dog training programs to choose from

If you want to gain self motivation, become fitter, stronger and a better leader to your dog please phone or contact us today to book your place. This program is demanding, challenging and will test you and your dog to the limit. However anything, which is worth doing, doesn’t come easy! We can guarantee you will have fun, complete the course with a great sense of achievement and a better understanding of your dog and their needs and be able to take away some great memories.

All breeds are accepted, and all ages and fitness levels are catered for. The course is personally tailored for you and your needs, yet designed to take you out from your comfort zone. All activities have individual risk assessments and we are fully covered by our comprehensive insurance.

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5 days training with you and your dog £600. Please note that this cost does not include accommodation, however we are happy to inform you of B&B’s in the local area which cater for dogs