K9 Control Dog Training Classes

Dog Training Classes


Once you have either graduated from the puppy class, or as a starting point you can join K9 Control’s novice classes, these start the training on a more structured level where dedicated training takes place.

We still incorporate all training as ‘fun, fun, fun’, ensuring at all times the best possible results are achieved, with your dog wanting to learn and wanting to work with you.

All classes follow a specific structure where throughout the course we address the following:

  • Sit Down Stay
  • Walking Puppy
  • Young dog recall


After graduation from the novice class, you and your dog are ready for the intermediate class, we cover all of the above, adding not only further distractions, but also duration to exercises taught. We also look at the following

  • Vehicle control
  • Place
  • Loose lead walking


In the advanced classes we follow all exercises taught to date, with increased distractions and with increased duration included and in addition we add in the following:

  • Heel work (without lead)
  • Out of sight stay
  • Recall Go to a place

All the above are taught in structured and controlled environments ensuring when we are ready to venture out that the foundations are strong for the exercises to remain successful in all situations encountered.

Here at K9 Control we like to keep the class sizes small, this ensures that each individual and their dog receive dedicated training time.

In addition to the above we also address animal welfare and health, grooming etc. ensuring that both you and your canine friend both receive 100% out of your relationship.