K9 Control Dog Training Clinics

Dog Training Clinics

Re-call Training

Our re-call clinic is held outside at our secure training venue and for 3 hours we will concentrate completely on re-call and the problems and causes associated with having a poor re-call.

  • Don’t feel confident letting your dog off the lead?
  • Having problems getting your dog back?
  • Will only come back in their own time?
  • Selective Hearing?
  • Learn how to train your dog with outside competing motivators!
  • If you are experiencing one or all of the above then this workshop is for you!

Each clinic will be limited to 4 dogs, providing us with the opportunity to work with you on an intensive basis ensuring a greater chance of success.

This is our most popular clinic therefore booking early is advised as places go fast…

Nosework Training

On our nosework courses we teach tracking, searching for articles (bearing human scent), searching for humans and teaching the dog how to find a ‘target odour’

Any dog can enjoy nosework, any breed, age or size, so if you have a dog who has a high drive and is constantly full of energy, give them the opportunity to harness their natural instincts in a positive and appropriate way.

Simon has extensive knowledge within this field from his time within the Military in Iraq & Afghanistan, together with his current work with his drug detection dog Spud. See how a fully trained team work and look on with pride as you watch what you and your canine partner can achieve!

Call now to unlock your dog’s full potential..


The cost per dog, per clinic is £50