K9 Control One to One Dog Training

One to One Dog Training

For some either the idea of a class, or even for their dogs, a class environment does not work. This is where One to One Training comes in!

Starting with our initial assessment to see where both you and your dog are at we then work with you to tailor a bespoke training package moving forwards. This way you achieve all the results of training classes, together with addressing specific issues, with the benefit of in effect, a personal trainer. This can be either in your own home and surrounding area or at K9 Control’s secure training venue.

Simon works at a pace to suit you and your dog, and firmly believes that it is the owner who needs training as much as, if not more than the dog, so he will work closely with you to ensure you are happy with the training and you will soon see the results when working on such an intensive programme.


Initial Assessment £80, then choose either

Individual lessons £40 each for an hour


Block course of 6 lessons, payable in advance £210