K9 Control - Residential Dog Training

Residential Dog Training

Little or no time?

Find it hard to commit to weekly classes?

Then residential dog training may be the option for you – or should I say your dog!

With residential dog training we are not like other establishments where we kennel your dog, or have a lot of different dogs in so cannot dedicate our time to training them. We house your beloved family pet in our busy family home. They will receive dedicated daily one to one training and at night they are able to relax with my family.

As standard we teach:




Loose lead Wallking


General Manners (e.g. jumping up etc.)

We also address anything client specific which can include aggression*

All are taught without distractions and once confident and competent we move to with distractions. We use artificial and set up distractions initially to manage the environment, then moving onto natural distractions of which there is no control – relying on the control and engagement which has been achieved with your dog.

This is the point where they are ready to go home.

At the end of the training you attend, and I then train you. We look at all that has been taught and then I teach you how to work with your dog.

You receive a full training diary documenting your dog’s stay, together with relevant important hand-outs for you to refer back to and video work of training completed.

At any time during your dog’s stay you can call to see how they are progressing, and naturally I keep contact with you also.

Your dog during their stay is the ONLY client’s dog I have staying with me to ensure that they receive dedicated, daily, intensive one to one training. They are with me at all times, not cooped up in a kennel between training sessions. They are treated as one of our dogs and let out first thing in the morning and last thing at night before we got to bed for the toilet, when I head out in the morning your dog comes with me and spends the day with me training. We work intensively around distractions and I have access to various facilities to ensure I can encounter everything you will come into contact with.

If you are interested in our Residential Dog Training service please contact us here, or call 07515 931 693


The price for two weeks’ residential training, as above, is £1000, payable as a £200 deposit, £300 on drop off and £500 on collection

* Please note for client specific problems where there is aggression additional costs may be incurred however this will be at our discretion ad discussed at point of contact.