Tips for travelling with your dog

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With September proving to be a glorious month weather wise, there really is no reason not to pack up the car and head to the coast, complete with kids and dogs. We are assuming that you have a handle on the kids, so here are some tips for travelling comfortably with the four-legged members of the family.


Safety First

If you don’t have a large window boot, your dog will need to travel in the main body of the car. Make sure that he doesn’t roam around the vehicle by purchasing a dog safety belt. This will ensure that should an accident occur, your dog will not be thrown into other passengers.

If he is happy to travel in the boot, make it comfy for him with either his bed or a blanket. You will find he will nap most of the way.

Keep your head

As much as your dog adores traveling with his head out of the window and tongue flapping in the wind, please don’t let him for the sake of his safety and your sanity!  A piece of debris could easily damage his eye – do you really want to take your entourage of small children, dog and egg sandwiches on a tour of the local area in search of an emergency vet?

Are we nearly there yet?

Dogs, like children get bored, and whilst they can’t ask the universal question ‘are we nearly there yet?’ they can certainly let you know in their own sweet way by whining, barking or even chewing if left too long. Therefore, make sure that you stop every hour or so to let them stretch their legs, even if its only a brief walk around the car park of the service station. This allows your dog to use the toilet (so remember your doggie bags) and have a drink.

Dogs die in hot cars!

Be aware of how quickly a dog can get heat stroke in a parked car. So remember not to leave him in the car whilst you pop into the services for that quick Costa.

Doggy bag

Remember to pack appropriate supplies such as water (don’t forget the water bowl as well) treats, his collar and lead and any of his favourite toys (avoid any which ‘squeak’ I’m still thinking of your sanity!)

However pleading his eyes may be as you crack open the sandwiches, don’t be tempted to give him titbits. Lunch will not look great second time around!

Dog tags

Keep your dog’s collar on with an up to date dog tag at all times. However well behaved your dog is, there is always a chance that he will get out of the car and away from you when you stop.


And finally, when you reach your destination, have fun! This weather won’t last forever.