Unusual Breeds – The Leonberger

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Country of Origin



A mixture of Newfoundlands, longhaired Saint Bernard’s, plus some Great Pyrenees has resulted in this beautiful strong breed that sports more than a passing resemblance to a lion. The ‘Leo’ as he is affectionately known, is an imposing breed given his great size and long water-resistant double coat which comes in a lion-yellow, golden to reddish-brown colour with a black mask. His deep bark is also a strong characteristic of the breed.

Dog Breed Group

Working Dog


General: 2 feet, 1 inch to 2 feet, 7 inches tall at the shoulder


General: 120 to 170 pounds

Life Span

10 to 12 years


The Leo is an intelligent, social breed with high energy levels who loves spending time with both animals and people. He is known to be a sensitive soul who dislikes being around confrontation, therefore, Leo owners do well to keep their disagreements private for fear of a third party joining the argument!

At least one hours exercise every day and lots of training and attention will turn the Leonberger into a devoted family friend. However, a lack of exercise and training will result in a mischievous and destructive temperament which could prove dangerous given the sheer size of this dog.