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Country of Origin



The main characteristic of this breed is their eye catching floor length dreadlocks which gives the breed an almost cartoon quality. It also makes them look far bigger than they actually are.

The Puli isn’t born with his dreadlocks, they are born with a little crimp to their coats which soon grows into fluff. When the adult coat comes in at about one year of age, it is separated by hand into cords. This process continues for about three or four months until the cords are set.
This distinct coat comes in rusty black, black, all shades of grey, and white.

A common colour in Hungary, where the breed originate from, is fako, which is very similar to the colour of the inside of a whole-wheat roll.

Dog Breed Group

Herding Dog


General: 1 foot, 4 inches to 1 foot, 5 inches tall at the shoulder


General: 25 to 35 pounds

Life Span

10 to 15 years


As well as loving the attention that they inevitably receive, the Puli is a fun loving and affectionate breed known for their intelligence and excellent health. The theory behind this intelligence and health, stems from over 1000 years ago where Hungarian shepherds would pay a full years wages for a Puli for the sole purpose of their excellent herding abilities.

These dogs were highly valued back then, however those who weren’t as intelligent or weren’t able to perform their duties well were culled, meaning that only the healthiest, intelligent and fittest of the breed survived.

Today, the herding instinct is still strong, and as a Puli owner, you will need to be very firm to avoid being ‘herded’ around the house.