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We rehabilitate the dogs others cannot or will not

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Our behavioral experts have a proven track record at rehabilitating the dogs others have failed or deemed too dangerous to work with. At k9 control we believe there is no such thing as a lost cause, just poor judgement. We will support and guide you in rebuilding your relationship with your dog, eliminating reactivity and reinstating trust in both dog and handler. We guarantee results, where other trainers have failed.


Teaching basic obedience and manners is paramount, and something we advise our clients to work on from their first session with us. Implementation of these core foundations will strengthen you and your dogs skills and confidence in a multitude of places and scenarios. Always expect the unexpected!

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Recall is essential if your dog is off lead in a public place. Most dogs will display some form of prey drive - their natural instinct is to find, chase and catch prey. 

We can assist you with succeeding with a perfect recall - every time.


We have 15 years hands on experience training and deploying general purpose protection dogs within the security industry and uniformed services for personal protection duties. 

We can help you train your personal protection dog to the best of its abilities using our proven methods in a calm, controlled manner. Our focus is producing a personal protection dog that not just looks the part, but can be relied upon in the most dangerous and life threatening scenarios.

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Identifying any unwanted behaviours alongside their triggers are the starting point of our behaviour modification. We need to understand how, and why, before we can ask the dog to begin to change.

We train the dog in front of us, and offer personalised practical training solutions. There is no dog that cannot change its behaviour with the correct structure and balanced approach to reward vs risk.


Our group sessions are being introduced in the new year - watch this space for updates.

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Training your puppy will set them up for life with essential skills, but also helps you build a partnership as you both grow and learn together. Starting basic training early is a fundamental building foundation for discipline and structure early on in life.


Packwalks are a great environment for any dog. Every walk is carefully structured and planned to enable dogs and handlers to be calm and controlled around other dogs, where they can learn to socialise in the correct manner.

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We are here to help you decide which service plan is right for you.


We are based in Basingstoke and have 15 years experience training security dogs. We specialise in 1-1 dog training for aggression, reactivity, behaviour modification, prey drive and protection handling.

We pride ourselves in our ability to rehabilitate the dogs that other trainers have deemed a lost cause, or too dangerous to handle.

We work closely with the owner to develop the necessary skills required to maintain their training.

Our approach is simple, yet effective using balanced techniques and personalised training plans.

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Cannot recommend Rob at k9 control enough for his expertise and experience in working with reactive dogs and their owners. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I did use a well known training company quite some distance away previously with very little result. K9 control delivered the outcome we both needed.

The last two months has changed our lives forever. My boy was human and dog reactive. Could never even have anyone in the house. All that has changed for the better now. Rob explains the dogs behaviour in language you can understand and is quick to get the dog under control and respectful of the owner. It is a pleasure to have him training and pushing me to give all of us a positive and happy life!

Tim Patrick

I can't recommend Rob highly enough. I was at my wits end with my rescue dog, to the point that she was being dangerously aggressive towards people and dogs, and as we didn't know how to handle her, she was spending a lot of time in a crate, for both her safety and ours.

Rob came out to see us within 48 hours of contacting him, and spent most of the evening with us. By the end of his visit things had changed dramatically and for the first time in weeks I felt optimistic. He explained what he was doing and why, and most importantly, delivered results. I cannot explain the relief I felt!

Since then I have continued to work with Rob and my dog is going from strength to strength. Her behaviour has completely turned around and I enjoy her more than ever. She is now a happy, playful girl and I'm so proud at how she has come along.

Rob is no-nonsense, non-fluffy and direct, which I found refreshing and appreciated very much, because I understood exactly what the issues were and how to rectify them. His understanding of dogs is unbelievable and I am so thankful that we found him.

I would urge anyone with a dog that has behavioural or training issues to contact Rob. He absolutely will deliver results, without a shadow of a doubt. You will not regret it!

Lisa Calver

We have just had our first training session with Rob and still amazed at the progress we have made with our reactive dog. After two years of working with other trainers and techniques we have made more progress in one hour with Rob. I would highly recommend k9 control for help with dog reactivity

Wayne Chatfield

I first contacted Rob to help me with my rescue dog. Rob was the 5th trainer I’d had so I wasn’t overly convinced that he’d be able to help. Ronnie (my dog) was reactive to dogs whilst out on a walk, and he didn’t allow me to have guests in the house. Rob came over and immediately put me at ease and told me that he could work to improve
all of the problems Ronnie was presenting with. After just a few sessions, Ronnie is a different dog! I can now walk him off lead which I genuinely thought would never happen. I also had a friend come over to my house which is the first visitor I’ve had in my house in nearly 3 years. I look forward to what else we can achieve as the training sessions progress. If you’re thinking about contacting Rob then do it! He has completely transformed Ronnie, and in turn has completely transformed my relationship with him. Highly recommend!!

Melanie Butler


We guarantee results with the dogs that other trainers have failed or deemed too dangerous!

There is no such thing as a lost cause, just poor judgement.

Irrespective of aggression, reactivity or arousal level, never let anyone tell you that your dog cannot change.

Follow us, and we will take you places, we will change both your lives forever!

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